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SageTV Version 2.1 released!

Posted on 03 November 2004 by

SageTV release SageTV version 2.1 today!

This is the SageTV release that adds support for Plextor ConvertX TV-402U/M402U line of DivX/MPEG2/MPEG4, external tuner/encoders. The SageTV store now offers Plextor & SageTV bundles.

There’s a few more interesting new features like running sageTV as a service… read more for the full list of added features for SageTV version 2.1

* Support for recording multiple formats across multiple tuners (can mix MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/DivX hardware encoders)
* MPEG-4 & DivX hardware encoding support including timeshifting functionality through the Plextor ConvertX TV-402U/M402U and Provideo 358T
* New Hardware support for Plextor ConvertX TV-402U/M402U, Provideo 358T USB, AverMedia UltraTV PCI 500/550 and Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150/500 cards
* Enhanced Video Library – Folder based with support for thumbnail images
* Browse by Category – View upcoming airings by Category
* Keyword Favorites – Record shows based on Keywords in addition to Title, Actor and Category
* Enhancements to Intelligent Recording – Improved file management
* Plugin support for On-Screen Display, Inputs and MediaPlayer (Developer information available)
* SageTV now runs as a Windows Service
* Rearchitected capture & playback systems
* Support for multiple IR transmitters
* Power Management support – Standby/hibernate modes supported with automatic wakeup for recordings
* Expanded Remote Control Support – AverMedia 500/550 Remote and MCE Remotes
* Import feature for STV Modules
* Numerous Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements