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Posted on 03 August 2006 by

One of the other more helpful DIY PVR / HTPC resources on the web (well besides *this one*!) has put up a very modest plea for donations.

SHSpvr has been an excellent resource for information, details, support, and of course beta drivers for hauppauge cards for a long time. If you have the means, please consider chipping in a few ducats to help SHSpvr with his site.

If can help me reach a goal $350 to have work done here on which I can not do.

As of today 8/03/2006 there was $53.18 (left over) from past Donations
Please go HERE and click on PayPal Donate image

If you don’t wish to signup on PayPal for what ever reason you may have and you would still like to help please email shspvr AT and he can provide you with his mailing address.

Thank you from Anthony Toste aka SHSPVR.