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SnapStream Announces BeyondTV Buzz

Posted on 08 June 2006 by

SnapStream is launching Beyond TV Buzz today.

Beyond TV Buzz presents:

1) Top recorded episodes
2) Top upcoming recordings

“…for the Beyond TV community (users can opt-in to be a part of the community at installation). The “Top recorded episodes” list gives interesting information about the most popular series — for example, since sweeps and season finales just ended, you’ll see a lot of re-runs topping the list. You can also dig deep past the top 15 shows and and explore the long tail of television to find delectable shows like “Good Eats: Tender is the Loin” on the Food Channel . And top upcoming recordings is a way to get day-by-day recommendations on what to watch or record, based on the community’s top upcoming recordings.

We are headed in the direction of creating what we call a social DVR experience and Beyond TV Buzz is the first (small) step towards that.”

Beyond TV Buzz kinda reminds me of digg for your television/PVR.