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SnapStream BeyondTV 4 Announced (HDTV, DivX, & FM support)

Posted on 26 July 2005 by

I just stumbled upon this tantalizing post over at the SnapStream Blog and it’s re-posted in its entirety below.

Beyond TV 4 Announced! With HDTV ATSC support!

SnapStream Media will release Beyond TV 4 in the next few months. Beta users have already started seeing some of the upcoming features under the codename “Retro.” But until now, it’s all been very hush, hush. In general, at SnapStream, we like to stay quiet about new releases until beta users have had a chance to give us significant feedback. Well, the verdict is in, and things are looking very good. Three big ticket items slated for Beyond TV 4 are FM Radio support, DivX support, and HDTV!

Yes, HDTV. We’ve already got this up and running in our office lounge and the difference is simply unbelievable especially on our plasma TV. It’s six times the picture quality, two and a half times the audio channels with Dolby surround sound, and countless new camera angles, all in one easy-to-use product. If you’re wondering about the camera angles, you should have seen the digital broadcasts of the summer Olympics last year.

A select group of beta users have already started putting HD support through the paces at home and have really helped us create an HD PVR product that everyone can use. So a shout out to them and a big thanks for all of their early feedback. In my opinion, the coolest thing is that with Beyond TV’s built-in multiple tuner and multiple lineup support, I can simply add a digital tuner to my existing setup. I will still get all my analog content and be able to surf through all of my digital and analog stations in one seamlessly integrated program guide.

Out of the gates, Beyond TV 4 will support several over-the-air ATSC tuner cards. Some of the cards that we’re already testing with our software include:

HDTV Wonder
VBox DTA 151 and USB-A 3560
Fusion HDTV 3

We’ve also been running the software on ATSC reference designs by Conexant and Phillips, so there are probably many other cards that Beyond TV 4 will automatically support.

A quick note about DivX support. Beyond TV 4 will not only support ShowSqueeze to DivX, but will also enable watching live TV and recording direct to DivX from software encode cards. It will also support Plextor’s DivX based hardware encode cards. Through our partnership with DivX, Beyond TV 4 will bundle the necessary encoders and decoders so you can get up and running with DivX just as easily as you can with MPEG2 or WMV today.

Anyone who purchases Beyond TV 3 starting today through the Beyond TV 4 launch
will get a free upgrade to Beyond TV 4 when it releases. We haven’t finalized the upgrade pricing for existing users just yet, but we will have more information closer to the launch.

Obviously, another item on many users’ minds is complete integration of Beyond Media and Beyond TV into one application. We are well aware of this and are working on it for a release after Beyond TV 4. Users who own both Beyond TV 4 and Beyond Media will be able to upgrade to the fully integrated product for free when it is released.

As you can see there are a lot of cool things in the pipeline from SnapStream and Beyond TV. So definitely stay tuned (hehe) for continued updates and information on Beyond TV 4!