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SnapStream BeyondTV 4.3 Released: DivX 6.1 & ATI Theater 650 Support!

Posted on 08 June 2006 by

The SnapStream folks are very busy today it seems… with an update to their BeyondTV PVR Software to version 4.3.

They sent us this snippet describing what’s new:

“Some of the new things in Beyond TV 4.3 are:

* Enhanced HDTV support: We now support ShowSqueeze for HDTV recordings, so you can save more HDTV recordings without loss of quality. HDTV recordings can be ShowSqueeze’d to either DivX or Windows Media formats. We also now strip out extra sub-channel information so recordings are up to 50% smaller. Disk fragmentation has been reduced, which makes a big difference to huge HD recordings. And finally SmartSkip (our commercial detection feature) is way faster on HDTV recordings now.

* DivX 6.1 Support (with Intel Optimizations): Beyond TV 4.3 is the first DVR to support DivX 6.1. This brings Intel optimizations to Beyond TV that can result in up to 300% faster encoding and even smaller file sizes.

* ATI Theater 650 support: We’re also the first to support the ATI Theater 650 — you’ll start to see these cards commerically hit the market in the next couple of weeks. They are great, because they combine analog TV tuning (w/ hardware encoder) and ATSC/HDTV support in one card. There’s no other TV tuner card that combines these two things together on a single chip.

* …And more: There are quite a number of other updates to Beyond TV 4.3. See more in the press releases linked below”

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