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SnapStream BeyondTV Plugin Automates DVD Burning

Posted on 23 March 2005 by

BTV2DVD Automated chapter cut and archive/burn to disk plugin from within SnapStream’s BeyondTV ViewScape interface!! People have been asking for ways to archive their shows without leaving the main PVR/HTPC interface, and looks like “Keith” (with _Shorty’s assistance) has cobbled together a cool plugin for BeyondTV. You’ll need Nero 5 (? or higher???)

Create DVDs that will play in PC and home DVD players from within ViewScape Recordings screen I put together a program that uses several command line processes in one program and allows to configure and store settings and burn recordings to CD or DVD media that will play from most DVD players. This started inspired by and mostly based on _Shorty’s findings. I started it based on replacing the batch file and helping with path issues with his process and added some fluff.

*Disks will play in regular home DVD players.
*Settings screen to allow for easy and saved configuration changes.
*Chapter cutting processing – using SmartSkip xml file and automated or editor with IGCutter. – Thank you IGx89 for including my mod request!
*Option to show the processing windows or hide them.
*Option to erase media prior to burning.
*Option whether to eject the disk and/or notify on completion.
*Option to show the settings window when submitting jobs to verify or change settings.
*Option to show the next command prior to processing for debugging settings.

Todo list:
Adding SmartSkip on disks burned without chapter cutting – Done
Adding a shrink process to handle oversize recordings – have it working just need debugging
Verify CD media handling.
Add option to burn data or video disk.
Working on multi-title and still looking into if multi-session for DVDs is possible.

Current efforts:
I have the generation of the menus working for a single title disk and now starting on adding more titles for a new session.
Looks very promising still need to research on adding to existing disk.

Nero DVD software version 5? and up I am using 5.5 –
_Shorty’s One touch DVD burning package –
IGCutter version v0.6 for chapter cutting –