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SnapStream Builds Uber 10 Tuner “Hydra” BeyondTV DVR

Posted on 08 February 2005 by

Holy snikeys batman! SnapStream has upped the ante on their already insane 6 tuner Medusa DVR ( official link ), with a 10 tuner PC DVR dubbed Hydra using 5 dual tuner WinTV PVR 500MCE encoder cards and the multiple tuner capable BeyondTV 3.5 DVR software.

That’s right SnapStream Media fans, we’re at it again and this time around we’ve taken Beyond TVs versatility to the next level. We know how much you love the Medusa with it’s SIX tuner capability, so when we received word about the release of the PVR-500MCE dual tuner, we knew we had to give you more. With The Hydra, you now have the ability to record TEN shows at the same time. We built Hydra here at SnapStream to show the newly revised multi-tuner capabilities of Beyond TV 3.5 using off-the-shelf PC parts.