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SnapStream Builds Uber BeyondTV “Medusa” 6 Tuner PVR

Posted on 10 October 2004 by

SnapStream has built a monster 6 tuner PVR dubbed Medusa

Designed to show off BeyondTV 3.5’s new fancy multi-tuner capability, and oh boy does it… 6 concurrent distinct programs being PVR’d? Wow!

They use 6 of the BTV PVR250s (basically a “roslyn” blackbird card)

It’s a sick proof of concept to say the least… They also have some good multi tuner tips interspersed throughout the article if you were thinking about doing 2 or 3 tuners in your setup.

If you are asking why? I assume the answer is mostly likely, “because they can”

No word on when SnapStream will support the WinTV PVR500, but I hope that when they do, they rebuild Medusa with 6 PVR500 for a whopping 12 tuners (a geek can dream, can’t he?)
— Just got word… when the pvr150/pvr500 are available BTV will support both cards.