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SnapStream Europe: PC PVR Software for DE, FR, & UK

Posted on 05 August 2005 by

SnapStream launched Beyond TV (and Beyond TV Link) in Europe yesterday:

See the SnapStream Blog entry on the UK, France, Germany, & parts of Austria & Switzerland localized BeyondTV launch

The launch includes Beyond TV and Beyond TV Link localized (both language localization and program guide localization through our partnership with tvtv) for users in the UK, France, Germany, and German speaking parts of Austria and Switzerland. The websites, the trial versions of the software, and our European store are also all completely localized.

This is an excellent expansion to markets on the other side of the pond for SnapStream, and I’m glad there’s more DIY PVR options available, including the all important EPG data, in a quality commercial offering. Feel free to discuss the announcment in the byopvr International (outside the USA) DIY PVR / HTPC forum in the SnapStream BeyondTV PVR software European expansion thread