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SnapStream Partners With OEM’s for HDTV ATSC Bundles

Posted on 25 October 2005 by

With the recent release candidate of BeyondTV 4 made available to beta tests the ATSC/HDTV enabled BeyondTV 4 should be (relatively) just around the corner.

In anticipation of the release of the HDTV enabled version of BeyondTV, SnapStream has recently announced partnering with OEM HDTV tuner card manufacturers to bundle BeyondTV with said cards

The manufacturers are ADS Technologies, KWorld, and VBox Communications. Speaking of which be on the lookout for a byopvr review of VBox’s Cat’s Eye USB 3560 ATSC HDTV tuner device with Firefly/ BeyondTV bundling.

Note: these are not all the HDTV cards that BeyondTV4 will support, rather just the manufacturers that are including BeyondTV software with their hardware bundles.

UPDATE Some more info and product shots on SnapStream Blog

see a copy of the full SnapStream HDTV bundle press release.

Leading HDTV Tuner Card Manufacturers Bundle SnapStream Media’s High-Definition DVR Software

HDTV tuner card products from ADS Technologies, KWorld and VBox Communications will employ the same high-definition DVR technology that will power SnapStream’s upcoming Beyond TV 4 Product.

(PRWEB) October 25, 2005 — SnapStream Media, Inc., a leader in digital home entertainment products, announced today that world-renowned TV tuner card manufacturers ADS Technologies, KWorld, and VBox Communications will bundle Beyond TV, SnapStream’s award-winning DVR software, with their aftermarket HDTV tuner card products.

Offering a sharper picture along with crisp digital sound and six times the resolution of standard definition television, the bundled products will present a complete solution for creating a PC-based HDTV DVR. Until now, customers have had to choose between purchasing expensive dedicated devices or a new computer to get HDTV with advanced DVR features. These new bundles now allow customers to bring HD quality TV and the richest living room ready DVR features to their existing PCs.

ADS Technologies, KWorld, and VBox Communications will bundle their high definition (HDTV) tuner cards with a new version of Beyond TV that offers easy installation and incredible visual clarity. New capabilities that will make the bundled HD DVR products more advanced and easier to use include:

• Beyond TV 4 supports recording, pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding digital and high definition (HDTV) television programs.

• Multiple tuner support enables users to simultaneously use OTA (over-the-air) HDTV tuner cards side-by-side with analog cards, with no software limit on the number of tuner cards

• Improved video and audio decoders provide the sharpest high definition picture (HDTV) and Dolby digital sound.

• An integrated program guide simplifies finding and scheduling HDTV and analog TV recordings with just a few clicks.

• New disk space management tools indicate the available hard drive space for recording high-definition (HD) content helping users stay on top of their television libraries.

• New digital signal strength pages in the easy to use configuration wizard guide users as they position a digital antenna eliminating the guess work.

These improvements will also be employed in Beyond TV 4, SnapStream’s next major release, due out before the end of the year.

Rakesh Agrawal, president and chief executive officer of SnapStream Media, Inc. noted several improvements in the DVR technology that will be included in the OEM bundles.

“All of our OEM customers are raising the bar for TV tuner card products by choosing to bundle SnapStream’s DVR software. With their high-quality hardware and SnapStream’s high-quality software, consumers will be able to create an unparalled visual experience,” said Rakesh Agrawal, SnapSteam Media’s President and CEO.

“KWorld has a history of market-leading TV tuner card products. With our new ATSC-110 products, we expect to lead the market again. And we’ve chosen to bundle SnapStream’s software because of the high-quality setup and user experience that it will deliver to our customers in North America,” said Stimson Wang, general manager of KWorld.

“We are excited to bundle our Cat’s Eye HDTV tuners with SnapStream’s powerful, and feature rich BeyondTV software. The excellent software enhances VBox’s entire line of Cat’s Eye HDTV tuners, USB, low profile PCI card and half length PCI formats” said Yosi Brosh, V.P Marketing of VBox Communications. “Our Cat’s Eye USB HDTV tuner bundle with Beyond TV software and FireFly Remote Control is the ideal complete solution for users who appreciate the ease of setting up and using a USB HDTV tuner”.

“As a leading provider of complete, easy-to-use DVR solutions, we are committed to providing our customers advanced software and hardware that maximize the high-definition experience,” said Mike McCoy, president and CEO of ADS Technologies. “By combining SnapStream’s HDTV capabilities with our pace-setting HDTV tuner/video capture device, users will be able to turn their PC into an HDTV home theater that provides dynamic viewing, pausing and archiving of HDTV broadcasts as well as standard TV and cable broadcasts.”

About the Companies

SnapStream Media, Inc.

SnapStream Media, Inc. is a leading developer of digital entertainment products based in Houston, Texas. SnapStream Media’s vision is to create high quality consumer entertainment experiences that leverage PC technology. The company’s digital video recording (DVR) software, Beyond TV™ received PC Magazine’s Product of the Year Award in December 2004. It was referred to as “an idea whose time has come” by the Associated Press and declared “better than TiVo” by Maximum PC. Interested parties can find more information about SnapStream Media and its products at

ADS Technologies

ADS Technologies is a world leader in Universal Serial Bus and IEEE-1394/FireWire solutions. Since 1992, the company has introduced high-quality multimedia, networking and presentation products at consumer-friendly prices. The company’s award-winning USB product line includes eleven complimentary peripherals and its USB Port for Desktops is the world’s best-selling USB PCI host card. PYRO 1394DV, the first consumer-priced digital video editing solution on the PC market, has been widely adopted by owners of digital video camcorders for its ease-of-use for first time DV editors, its functionality and its low cost. For more information, please visit our Web site at or contact phone: 800.888.5244.

VBox Communications, Ltd.

VBox Communications Ltd provides Digital TV and Data Broadcast receiver equipment for Video and Data applications. VBox Communications is also a leading provider of satellite, terrestrial and cable receiving equipment, including PCI receiver cards and Ethernet satellite receivers/routers. VBox’s variety of innovative products suits the evolving needs of corporate networking and household entertainment. The company is focused on providing high quality products that bring rich media content to small and medium corporations, digital TV broadcasters and Internet infrastructure providers. More information on VBox Communications, Ltd. can be found at


KWorld provides professional solutions and innovative technology to provide consumers with a full line of computer, video, and securtiy products. Our creative R&D team integrates the latest hardware and software solutions to develop TV card/boxes and video capture/editing products to worldwide consumers utilizing the newest technology. Speed-to-market product development, coupled with superior quality control and professional brand-marketing is our primary mission.