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SnapStream Q&A: Beyond Media / BeyondTV Integration; HDTV Options

Posted on 30 July 2005 by

Interesting and candid Question & Answer post on the SnapStream Blog about BeyondTV / Beyond Media integration & what form future HDTV support might take (i.e. ATSC, QAM, firewire)

Following the release of Beyond TV 4, we will be porting the ViewScape interface of Beyond TV to the Beyond Media architecture. Beyond Media is built on our next generation and highly extensible media shell foundation, most of which we make available today to developers in the Beyond Media SDK. Porting Beyond TV’s user interface under that architecture will provide a great unified experience for our users.

If you remeber this is was one of my gripes in my Diamond XtremeTV PVR550 PCI “power pack” review and I’m glad its high up on SnapStreams priority list.

Our initial release of Beyond TV 4 will support over the air (OTA) capture cards. QAM support is something that we are watching closely and will implement as soon as is feasible…. QAM capture is in a state of flux right now when it comes to the marketplace.

Since SnapStream is listening and responding I encourage you to participate in their Questions & Answers forum where you can submit questions for consideration for the next Q & A post.