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SnapStream Roundup: Blog, EPG, & Web Admin Documentation

Posted on 27 May 2005 by

SnapStream has been pretty busy lately.

I meant to point out last month that there is now an “official” SnapStream blog which I think is a great way to directly reach potential and existing customers in a slightly more casual format. I’d much rather read a blog entry than a press release =P

SnapStream Extends Long-Term Deal with Tribune Media Services
“Tribune Media Services (TMS) has expanded its licensing deal with SnapStream Media, Inc., a leader in digital home entertainment products.

TMS provides SnapStream with a full suite of data products that now includes digital and over-the-air channel lineups in addition to analog lineups and comprehensive television scheduling information for the U.S. and Canada.” rampy note… digital OTA line up, eh? hmmm….

Final bit of SnapStream news for the day: They’ve improved their documentation for advanced web admin settings! There’s a lot of important and cool under the hood settings that you can only access via the BTV web admin panel so it’s nice to have detailed documentation available. You can see the updated BeyondTV help file documentation here