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Some SnapStream Tidbits of Interest

Posted on 10 February 2005 by

My contact at SnapStream sent over a round up of some of the going ons in their labs & in the Beyond Media/TV community:

First, we have a big Valentine’s Day special going on right now through Feb
15th. We’re offering both Beyond Media and the Firefly Remote Control (full
retail product) for $60 — this is a $40 savings over the standalone prices
of Beyond Media and Firefly.

Now on to the product: a tremendous of work has happened since we launched Beyond Media on December 1st.
1. We launched the Beyond Media SDK
Dowload the Beyond Media SDK

The SDK is broken into two parts:
A) there is detailed information on the Beyond Media skinning architecture
B) there is detailed information on creating application plug-ins for Beyond

We invested a fair bit of work in the SDK so there is a great deal of sample
code and a detailed explanatory help file (CHM) that walks you through
creating a skin or plug-in for Beyond Media. This isn’t new, but just a
reminder that there’s also a very rich Beyond TV SDK that people have used to do all kinds of cool things.

2. New Skins Available in the SSDN
Community development on both skins and plug-ins has really taken off. For
example, check out this TIVO-esque skin that airball created for Beyond TV:
BTVO screenshot full post and download

A host of other skins for Beyond Media: here and here

3. New Plug-ins Available in the SSDN
The most popular community plug-in for Beyond Media, at the moment, is the
DVD library plug-in It’s possibly the most powerful DVD/movie viewing front-end available for the PC. It combines movies recorded in BTV with ripped DVDs (VOB or ISO). It has an automatic importer, displays cover art, allows for searching. This plug-in was created by kilrsat.

There are quite a few other new/updated plug-ins from Comics to Stocks to NetRadio to PIN protection of modules.