State of ATI Video Card Drivers in Linux

Posted on 03 August 2005 by

via Slashdot: Linux Hardware takes a look at the State of ATI Linux Drivers with their review using ATI’s Radeon x800 in Linux

The review is specifically a look at the Connect3D’s Radeon X800 and it exposes many of ATI’s current problems in their latest drivers. While the drivers seem to have plenty of speed to them now, some stuff still just doesn’t work.

The consensus in the byopvr linux forum seems to be (draw your own conclusions though!) that nvidia cards play nicer with most linux distros, and Nvidia does actively provide/work on a BINARY video driver for linux. There are those that would prefer that the driver be an open one, (myself included on principle) but am glad that there’s some form of nvidia linux support even if it is a binary driver.