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Sunday Pile Up: Giveaway, News, Journal Roundup

Posted on 12 December 2004 by

Reminder: Don’t forget to enter our latest giveaway sponsored by PCAlchemy where the lucky winner will receive a SilverStone Lascala SST-LC11 HTPC Case

Go to the official PCAlchemy SilverStone Lascala LC11 giveaway post for more details and entry information.

Lots of cool entries in the byopvr user journal section lately: Brett4u6: building my first PVR/PC and Building my first PVR Part 2bubs is releasing the hounds on his sweet baboo… and aspi is trying analog cable with a pvr250 in the UK instead of the DVB-T | Steve525 is happy now with his pvr350

Speaking of excellent journal posts: Maiku’s Setting up MythTV under Mandrake 10.1 Guide has been well received with over 1000 views (aggregate) in about a week, with several other sites taking notice. Maiku made a few updates to the document regarding lirc and Mandrake 10.1 Official

I neglected to post a bunch of TiVo related news (straw poll: use comments–>do the trials, tribulations, and announcements of TiVo interest you, the DIY DVR enthusiast?) including TiVo2Go seemingly getting closer to launch, 3rd party Home Media Option replacement JavaHMO 2.0 released, and Forbes expose/outlook on TiVo. TVHarmony and PVRblog is where I tune for the latest on tivo and DVR news (actually I just look at the news feeds on lower left part of byopvr) =)