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Sunday Pileup: HTPC howto and HDTV guide

Posted on 21 November 2004 by

Saw these articles during the week over at HTPCnews and meant to post them for you earlier…

Tech Zone builds a sexy HDTV HTPC (it ain’t cheap, but the 42″ HDTV Plasma had something to do with price tag)

ecoustics has an article on Analog to Digital TV: How to Get HDTV

Not directly related, but “How to steal wifi is a howto, well at least it links to the actual howto secure your wifi, but let it serve as a word of warning for those with unsecured access points, your neighbor might have a stuffed animal fetish. (i’m frightened to see what google search terms that elicits)

Cliffnotes wifi securing guide: use strong passwords, change default password/SSID, Don’t broadcast SSID, use WEP/WPA with again a strong password, lock down to MAC address, etc… none of this is fool proof, but will go a long way to keep you from being low hanging fruit for the neighbor’s kid’s MP3 downloading mule.