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Systm: HOWTO Build a MythTV DVR (hd-3000 & knoppmyth)

Posted on 18 June 2005 by

Systm, for the uninitiated is a new online distributed only techie/geek “tv” show. They are producing medium (ok I kid, fairly high) quality video “howto” segments on technology and distributing it online in different formats using bittorrent (legitimate and innovative use of p2p, alert the media!). You might recognize Kevin Rose and Dan “foo” Huard from the now defunct & defiled TechTV show “The Screen Savers”

The second Systm episode features HOWTO make a MythTV box using the venerable KnoppMyth, a HD-3000 Linux HDTV card, an AVermedia tuner card that is supported by the Video4Linux driver project, and a reasonably beefy AMD Athlon 3200+/ 1gig machine.

In any case the MythTV show is available on their site as a .torrent in multiple formats/sizes and I recommend checking it out (and their future broad… er… pod… er… torrentcasts)

Feel free to comment on the episode in the byopvr forum systm knoppmyth thread