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Tech Savvy Furniture for Your Home

Posted on 20 May 2017 by sam

In the age of home automation, convenience and comfort are high priorities to many homeowners. If you’re looking to trade your squeaky desk chair or beat-up work desk for something a little more sophisticated, look no further. Modernize has a few ideas for updating your space with the latest and greatest high tech furniture pieces.

I’ll be moving into a new home early next year. So with that in mind, this guest post by Kelsey Reaves of Modernize is very timely indeed. I’m especially fond of the Sonic Chair.

RBT Chair

Even if you work from home, getting comfortable can be difficult. The typical modern work schedule and tasks involve sitting at a desk for 8 or 9 hours per day, sometimes even longer. We even spend much of our recreation time on our computers. A comfortable chair is essential. The RBT chair is perfect for a home office or studio. Its eye-catching design allows it to adjust and flex to fit the shape of your back. When you change your posture, it continues to support you and keep you comfortable.

Sonic Chair

But some chairs are as much about fun as comfort. The Sonic Chair is a multimedia station that allows you to listen to music and watch films in surround sound while lounging in luxury. Non-audible vibrations in the backrest allow you to experience and feel sound rather than just listen to it. Listening to your favorite band in the Sonic Chair will feel like listening to a live concert. While one of these would go great in a media room or kids’ play area, the makers had even higher ambitions in mind: the Sonic Chair would be a perfect fit for public libraries, airports, museums, and other public spaces.

Artifox Desk 01

This traditional-looking wooden desk is far from traditional. The Artifox Desk 01 has built-in docking for your mobile devices, magnetic snaps to keep your cables out of the way, hook to hold belongings like headphones and bags, and best of all, a writeable surface. The ideas will always flow with a work desk like this.

HiCan Fidelity Canopy

Via HiCan

Via HiCan

One of the most indulgent investments you could make in your home’s interior design is the HiCan Fidelity Canopy. But then again, you wouldn’t just be investing in looks. This bed is a full-on multimedia hub with a state-of-the-art sound system, projector, retractable screen, and gaming console. It comes in eight different colors and is one of the sleekest bed designs out there.

Music-Syncing Massage Chair

Massage chairs are luxurious and high tech enough as it is. But the Music-Syncing Massage Chair turns a massage into a multi-sensory experience. The MP3 player allows you to play your music as you get a massage, but that’s not all. The chair syncs the heat, vibrations, and air pressure with your music, so you get a full-scale relaxation experience. An LCD armrest display allows you to easily select your settings.