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The DVD and Movie Jukebox in my Basement

Posted on 11 October 2006 by

*drool* … Seth Miller describes to the Snapstream Blog his DVD and Movie Jukebox Setup in my Basement

After years of yearning to bring the true theater experience home, I have finally succeeded. My home now boasts a theater that will engulf you in the movie experience, tower over you with special not meant for mere television and bring a library of over 175 movies no more than the push of a button away, a jukebox of movies from TV and DVD. This theater was built on a limited budget, but boasts all the features that I’ve been dreaming of since I first heard someone say, “home theater”.

The PC is running Snapstream’s Beyond TV and Beyond Media. Since I am talking about the home theater experience, I will focus on Beyond Media, and in particular, a piece of pure programming genius, and every tech fiend’s best friend, the DVD library plug-in. This plug-in, allows me to store, organize and watch a library of over 175 movies and growing.