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The Future of PVR is in Your Bandwidth (Bittorrent + RSS)

Posted on 12 May 2005 by

The Future of PVR is in Your Bandwidth (Bittorrent + RSS)

BitTorrent + RSS = The Next Big Thing:
Last weekend, Family Guy returned to network television. As a fan of the show, I Tivoed it and watched it that evening. A friend, whose single-tuner Tivo-a-like was occupied by Desperate Housewives, missed it. When he came to me with this sob story, I simply replied “Just download it.” “Huh?” he says, “You mean on the Internets? Where?” Keep in mind, this friend is by no means a Luddite. He’s a regular Nintendo-playing, slashdot-reading, blackberry-having, caffeine-addicted geek, yet he was not familiar with or BitTorrent. I won’t dwell too much on my disappointment in him over this, but I will remind you that BitTorrent accounts for one-third of all data transmitted on the Internet, so if you’re not down with BT, start paying attention.

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EDIT–>as akos points out Legally there might not be a future in this *sigh*