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Three Linux MythTV Distros Reviewed

Posted on 01 September 2007 by

Via Slashdot: compares 3 MythTV centric linux distributions (KnoppMyth, Mythdora, & MythBuntu )

The piece looks at Mythdora, Mythbuntu, and KnoppMyth, with an eye towards ease of installation and the actual utility of the install. From the article: ‘For regular system maintenance, KnoppMyth simply isn’t in the same ballpark as MythBuntu and MythDora. The live CD heritage of Knoppix means you cannot update individual packages, which is fine if you like that, but for an always-on system like a MythTV back end, I’d prefer flexibility and configurability of a mainline distro. When all is said and done, if I were building my TiVo replacement today, I would do it with MythDora.