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Time Warner Cable DVR Glitch

Posted on 11 October 2004 by

I know people think that the cable company’s low/no equipment cost generic DVR options will kill TiVo, but surprise surprise the big cable company’s can’t seem to get out of their own way… Time Warner Cable DVR Glitch

“It appears that Time Warner auto-updated the DVR with a new software release, but along with all that auto-updating goodness came a bug which freezes video playback for 3-4 seconds at a time. According to one subscriber, Patrick Menton, “It can happen maybe eight to 10 times during a program and it’s very aggravating.” nod to TV Harmony

Remember the Scientific Atlanta 8000 DVR rant? Mark F ended up returning it and buying a TiVo.

Additional SA8000HD High Definition, DVR-enabled cable boxes from Time Warner Cable grumblings also via Slashdot

I like more competition in the DVR/PVR marketplace (it’s a healthy thing for consumers). The more people that understand how great the concept/technology of using a PVR to manage your entertainment time more wisely, the better! (and once they figure out they can’t get their recorded content digitally off their set top boxes, they’ll come here to build their own PVR) =P

All in all, TiVo deserves to be the market leader with their very solid and very useable interface, but they better keep innovating and adding the features people want as there’s an army of DIY-ers and cable companies ready to knock TiVo off their perch if they misstep or ignore the features consumers want.