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Time Warner Won’t Allow CableCard for Tivo Series 3 boxes?

Posted on 27 July 2006 by

This could be a harbinger of things to come. Time Warner won’t provide CableCARDs for Series 3 TiVos?

…a complaint on the website ConsumerFury contends that Time Warner Cable’s Raleigh division responded to a recent customer inquiry on the matter by stating that “Time Warner Cable of Raleigh does not provide support for or allow TiVo devices on our cable network…CableCARDS will only be installed on cable-ready, CableCARD-slot-available television sets.”

Now this could be just a handful of bad customer service reps, or it could be an indication of cable companies circling the wagons to protect their inhouse DVR products/sales. In any case, if the cable companies take this type of stance with Tivo Series 3 boxes, I’m not sure what hope future HTPC based CableCard systems might have.