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Tivo has big plans

Posted on 17 February 2004 by

There has been a lot of talk floating around about TiVo’s acquisition of Strangeberry, “a small Palo Alto based technology company specializing in using home network and broadband technologies to create new entertainment experiences on television.

People from Slashdot and PVRblog are getting overly excited about a picture that has been posted on Fracker’s blog, which is nothing more than three popular Network Media Adapters that were supposedly purchased by Stangeberry developers. This picture has lead to Mike Haughey, of PVRblog, to speculate that TiVo will be “producing home broadband boxes that did everything from act as a firewall and wireless router, to home filesharing and IM, to callerID/tv/movie/weather updates on your TV, all in one simple box running a linux port.