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Tivo Killers — Windows PC PVR Software Roundup

Posted on 11 October 2005 by

ExtremeTech reviews Tivo Killers? — Windows PVR including BeyondTV, SageTV, and PowerCinema. (PowerCinema?!). No mention of the popular free option GBPVR or the up and coming MeedioTV software options though.

Let’s say you don’t have Media Center Edition and don’t want to wipe your drive and install it. You have Windows XP and simply want to add a TV tuner card and PVR type functions so you can hook your PC to your TV or sit across the room from your large monitor and enjoy all the benefits of TiVo. There are quite a few programs available that let you do that; we’ll examine three of them today, including SnapStream’s Beyond TV, Cyberlink’s PowerCinema, and SageTV

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