TiVo to Offer SDK

Posted on 31 January 2005 by

Slashdot.org has a link to an article on C|Net about TiVo’s attempt to open up to 3rd party developers. In short, they’re going to allow plugins like we’ve got for SageTV, etc. to enable RSS feeds, weather, games, and whatever else those TiVo lovers develop. Looks like a clear response to the pressure building from the BYOPVR world!

V.A. -> After reading some of the comments, it sounds like the folks at Slashdot are regarding this as a sign that the end of TiVo is near. It seems that with cable companies building their own DVR solutions, and TiVo trying desperatly to get your $13/month that perhaps we are seeing the begining of the end for TiVo.

ArsTechnica is piling on too! TiVo: it’s time to be a platform “Everyone knows it: TiVo is in trouble…”