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Tom’s Hardware: Building The Ultimate Home Theater PC

Posted on 05 October 2005 by

Building The Ultimate Home Theater PC howto article over at Tom’s hardware.

“Hype aside, is it really possible to build a PC that is quiet and does everything that a high-end remote-controlled set-top box can do? And don’t forget it’s got to look good in your living room, too.”

See the new DIY PVR FAQ/WIKI for more DIY PVR HTP HowTo articles (or add any howto articles that we are missing!)

Thanks to gstiles for pointing out the article to me 😉

EDIT/UPDATE This has been posted to slashdot and is linking to here so brace for impact /. Building The Ultimate Home Theater PC thanks to PlanetJay for submitting the article so that our server get’s a beat down from the /. hordes 🙂 be sure to check out his mini-itx PVR project in a satellite receiver case mod!!!