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Torrentocracy = RSS + Bit Torrent + Your TV

Posted on 21 June 2004 by

Slashdot article Torrentocracy = RSS + Bit Torrent + Your TV. Torrentocracy is a MythTV “plugin” that uses bittorrent aggregation sites RSS feeds.

For the unititiated BitTorrent is a very cool decentralized P2P system that supports getting different parts of a file from different sources concurrently which makes for speedy downloads for popular files.

RSS (real simple syndication) is a method of syndicating/parsing site content easily. For example we use RSS to get the latest stories from Matt’s PVRBlog automagically (look on your left under main menu/login) from his XML/RSS feed. You can even syndicate BYOPVR via our RSS feed

Recently someone combined the two memes to make a great way of distributing the bittorrent seeds (how each file/node is identified kinda like kazaa/edonkey hashes… sorta)

This new MythTV plugin torrentocracy allows you to surf for the latest filez/torrents out there and initiate a download with a flick of your remote. How cool is that? Not that I advocate distribution of copyrighted material, but one can see how having bit torrent potential so close to your collection of PVR’d programming could lead to a “mesh” network of programming between peoples MythTV boxen… That’d be mighty cool homebrew on demand TV =)