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TV networks fiddle schedules to break PVRs

Posted on 18 January 2005 by

The excellent Boing Boing site has a depressing article about the growing trend of TV networks fiddling schedules to break PVRs. For my part, this has convinced me to buy a second (third, fourth?) PVR to handle it. The prices on PVR hardware seems to be dropping some due to competition (i.i. PVR-150) so maybe this is the solution for most of us.

From the article:

Major networks are changing the way they schedule TV shows, adding an extra minute or two at the end of their programs so that TiVos and other PVRs miss important sections, and so they can charge extra for advertising:

The padding also discourages viewers from clicking their remotes, under the theory they’ll be less likely to switch channels if they’ve already missed the start of a competing program.

ABC is unapologetic. “It’s not my job to make it easy for people to leave our network,” says ABC scheduling chief Jeff Bader. “Our whole goal is to get people to stay with us from 8 to 11.”