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TVHarmony: BeyondTV Link Review, XPlite Review

Posted on 14 December 2004 by

TVHarmony has posted their evaluation of Beyond TV Link to follow up their SnapStream Beyond TV 3.5 review

You didn’t think I’d forget to mention our Beyond TV 3.5 review did you?

UPDATE: They are pretty busy over there with a Review of XPLite and a Booting windows off of compact flash card HowTo

I’ve use the prior incarnation of XPlite (98lite) and loved it. It’s a great tool (along with blackviper XP service tweak guide) for minimizing the bulk of unneeded gunk & bloatware in XP. Although too much pruning can be detrimental to system stability, a lean and mean install can be much more stable and get more mileage out of meager PCs. YMMV =)