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TVHarmony: Easy Automated Way to Convert Tivo, Internet, & PVR Files

Posted on 06 September 2006 by

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at our friends over at TV Harmony and it looks like they’ve made some great strides, with a fancy new homepage, logo, and new version of their TV Harmony Autopilot software

TVHarmony AutoPilot makes the process of downloading and converting video a snap. Through a simple user interface, you can tell AutoPilot what shows or internet videos (e.g. youtube, google video) you are interested in, and AutoPilot will do the heavy lifting during the night of downloading and converting it into the right format for your video viewing device (e.g. Apple iPod®, PSP). AutoPilot is the perfect companion to TiVo® and TivoToGo™.