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TVHarmony: Tivo Tools AutoPilot adds Video Ipod Support!

Posted on 30 October 2005 by

TVHarmony has added some cool new functionality to its suite of TiVo2Go utilities including a new utility to convert Tivo files to Video Ipod format. I like/use the Tivo AutoPilot software to copy over shows from my series 2 TiVo that I want to archive over to my PC in the middle of the night, replaces the DRM with a small watermark (edit–>embeds the MAK into the file now — no watermark), and plops it into my BeyondTV video directory.

They are getting alot of well deserved attention for their efforts with linkage on:
PVRwire: TVHarmony’s AutoPilot converts TiVo to iPod format and now Slashdot: Automated TiVo to iPod formating
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