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TVHarmony: Tivo Tools->Scheduled Downloads, Tivo2MPEG, Tivo2PSP

Posted on 09 October 2005 by

Our good friends over at TVHarmony have launched some new TiVo related PC software applications including the very cool TVHarmony AutoPilot which allows you to schedule the downloading and processing of .tivo files from your Tivo2Go network connected Series 2 Tivo. Very handy. each night I transfer certain shows to get archived off my Tivo and onto my PC for longer term storage/archive/use.

Two additional Tivo related utilities include Tivo2PSP and Tivo2MPEG

“Tivo2PSP and Tivo2MPEG are simple utilities that convert tivo files into Sony PSP compatible files (MP4) and standard MPEG2 formats.”