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VIA ARTiGO A800, Smallest ARM Computer from VIA

Posted on 10 March 2013 by sam

Miniature computers are highly useful in several situations, such as a HTPC client. The latest effort of VIA to promote its latest product, VIA ARTiGO A800 as an ARM small form factor (SFF) computer could turn out be a novel innovation. SFF systems are not only valuable to home theater PC enthusiasts, but also special fields such as health care technology, surveillance, digital signage, hotel automation, and other unique embedded applications.

This new product of VIA could even find uses in advanced industrial systems, vehicle applications, etc. VIA is confident that ARTiGO is the smallest ARM system for various types of embedded uses.

ARTiGO A800_45_left_L_medium

Rugged and Compact SFF System Design

The size of VIA ARTiGO A800 is 12.0 cm x 12.5 cm x 3.0 cm. The heart of VIA ARTiGO A800 is a new Freescale SoC (system-on-chip device) termed ARM Cortex-A8, the graphic chip with a speed of 800 MHz. Further, the system has two integrated GPUs for two display outfits. VIA informs that the thermal design power (TDP) is 3.14W to ensure lowest power draw and does not require active cooling. Hence, the fanless, dustproof, ultra-low profile of VIA ARTiGO A800 design is suitable to various types of environments and suits all of them with its rectangular, dark grey, unobtrusive case. The case is quite rugged and VIA has designed it to operate between temperatures of -40oC and 80oC.

Another major improvement that VIA has provided in its latest product, VIA ARTiGO A800 is the facility of its clients to mount the SFF system on the wall, if they use a VESA mount of 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm. VIA is yet to provide price details of this new product, VIA ARTiGO A800 but industry experts are of the opinion that the company would individually negotiate the price for various types of clients.

The full specs can be found in the datasheet.

If you want an ARTiGO system right now, check out the A1150:

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