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Video on the Go: Sony PSP & Videora PSP Video 9

Posted on 25 March 2005 by

TVHarmony has the early scoop on the Sony PSP and using a 3rd party PSP Video manager “PSP Video 9” by the makers of the internet P2P content aggregation/downlaod tool videora.

I’ve noticed a trend in the mainstream reviews of the PSP that it’s a great gaming device but lacks good support for other media. PSP Video 9 radically changes that equation with a simple, seamless app to move video to the PSP.

I was at CompUSA today twitching trying to decide if a Sony PSP could be a business expense if I did a review of it’s possibilities as a portable playback unit for taking your DIY PVR recordings on the road. I went home empty handed. Everything I’ve read so far say’s the screen looks beautiful… *drool*

Other coverage:
PVRblog: PVR PSP PLZ including a link to putting .tivo files onto the PSP (short version de-DRM them and convert to MPEG4)

heh, not sure how to chacterize this…Pr0n on your Sony PSP (wired news article)