VistaView Saber 2020 Dual Tuner PCIe Preview @ HTPCnews

Posted on 13 November 2006 by

Everyone’s favorite tuner card guru Sphere put up a preliminary VistaView Saber 2020 Dual Tuner PCIe Preview over at HTPCnews

“The Saber 2020 uses PCI Express X1 (PCIe), this is significant. Many of us have PCI Express X1 slots sitting idle. Further, PCIe is a point-to-point connection; it isn’t a shared bus like “classic” PCI. This means that there should be zero issues with compatibilty, unlike PCI based solutions that tend to conflict with other TV cards, especially HDTV tuners.

I’ve been playing with the VistaView Saber2020 PCI Express x1 dual TV tuner card for the past week or so and I’ve been digging it so far. A byopvr review is forthcoming. If you’re the impatient/impulsive type you can pick one up from PCalchemy in the meantime 😉