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Welcome: “Step aside Tivo, Here comes Freevo”

Posted on 08 June 2004 by

I’m happy to welcome the influx of new visitors who found the site via the “Step aside TiVo, here comes Freevo ” Reuters story CNN Money | Yahoo News | etc.

I’m very sorry that our modest hosting buckled under the strain. Ironically I was in the middle of moving the site to a new dedicated server to better cope with the growing interest in the site, when this hit the fan. We are now on that dedicated server, and it seems to be holding up fine (*knocks on wood*) I’m a little afraid this article will end up on slashdot then the site will really be toast.

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UPDATE 9:19pm ET: we’ve been blessed (and cursed, j/k) to also be linked from matt’s PVRblog which is quite the honor. (looks like his site is getting hammered too, oy vey!) I’ve stripped down some of the block to help ease the database congestion. Once we get over this initial swell of everyone coming at the exact same moment the site will return to normal (and i’ll have a chance to implement some performance/scaling improvements) — rampy out

UPDATE 9:48 — from the kicking me while I’m down department We’re being Slashdot’ed on top of the yahoo/CNN and matt pvrblogs traffic. No mas! No Mas! =) Glad to see the site get so much attention (but in one day?!) so that we can grow our home brew tivo community.