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Windows MCE 2005 to support HDTV

Posted on 14 September 2004 by

According to PVRblog, Windows Media Center 2005 will have support for HDTV. I suspect this will be via the much maligned ATI HDTV Wonder card, at least initially.

A quiick search of turned up this link regarding HDTV support coming to MCE 2004 using a VBox Terrestrial ATSC card. Sheesh, who can keep up with all this stuff, I’ve never heard of them, or ATSC for that matter.

### rampy’s note/take: I’m not so certain that it will be ATI’s HDTV wonder card, but i’m sure it’s in the mix… I don’t have any reasoning behind that thought, just a hunch

ATSC is the fancy acronym for the over the air digital TV via antenna (FWIW). I left my decoder ring at home and don’t know what ATSC stands for either =)

“They” are doing a bad job in general at standarizing on the DTV broadcast stuff (and it shows) , but I digress…