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Windows PVR in an Old School Radio Chassis

Posted on 05 April 2005 by

Duncan posted a link to his awesome case mod & PVR project in the new DIY PVR Forum for Canadians

His project even was featured over at engadget Windows XP PVR-in-a-radio.

Not satisfied with the current PVR offerings from TiVo, ReplayTV, nor Windows Media Center (not to mention associated fees), The Last Minute decided to build their own personal video recorder, using Windows XP Pro, with SageTV and Zap2it as a program guide and recording software. They’ve even managed to set their recorder to automatically detect and skip commercials, and they are still able to surf the Web via TV, since it is still Windows, afterall. And the big bonus? They jammed it in an old-school lookin’ radio just for kicks

Check out the picture gallery as well