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Windows PVR Software CTpvr Media Center 2.0 Released

Posted on 21 September 2006 by

Carm dropped a line to let me know that the 2.0 version of CTpvr Media Center has been released

You can see the CTpvr Media Center forum announcement

Announcing the Official release of CTpvr Media Center Version 2.0

With this release we decided to add Media Center to the name of CTpvr to reflect all the changes made since our last official release.

New features:

• New skinnable user interface ( Themes ).
• Native support for MCE type remotes.
• Closed Captioning( Live TV & Playback ).
• Plugins Support.
• HDTV(ATSC) tuner cards support.
• USB UIRT & Hauppauge Ir Blaster External Tuning.
• Hauppauge Ir Blaster External Tuning.
• Transport file playback.
• ATSC EGP support via Zap2it.
• Auto Preview Snapshot after a recording.
• Total Media count and selected Media number on all media menus.
• Auto delete of older recordings when low on disk space needed for new recordings.
• Watched label for recordings already viewed.
• Last position indicator for shows partially viewed.
• Internet Music streaming via shoutcast filter. ( Requires Shoutcast filter )
• New Service in charge of scheduling, recordings, downloading guide data and more.
• Auto start Server mode for use by CTpvr Client.
• Auto Aspect ratios on all videos.
• My Pictures Library with Slideshow plus background music.
• FM Tuner for supported TV cards.
• Priority recording for favorites and individual schedules.