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Windows Vista 32 Bit Edition Loses HD Playback (NOT!)

Posted on 24 August 2006 by

Windows Vista 32 Bit Edition Loses HD Playback

Microsoft revealed today that no 32-bit versions of Windows Vista will be able to play back “next generation high definition protected content” (translation – studio-released BluRay and HD-DVD movies).

By far the majority of PCs use 32-bit processors, because despite AMD’s efforts to push 64-bit CPUs into the marketplace early, Intel’s first widely-promoted 64-bit CPU is the just-released Core 2 Duo.”

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UPDATE: or does it? Windows Vista 32-Bit CAN Play HD DVD, Blu-ray Movies

…it turns out the 32-bit version of Windows Vista can play next-gen protected high definition content. Microsoft reps said Senior Program Manager Steve Riley was mistaken when he told a group of Australian developers that Vista couldn’t handle the high definition movies.

But the Microsoft representatives said the support will come from third party HD DVD/Blu-ray movie playback software developers like CyberLink who already make DVD playback software.