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Worlds First DVI-in Tuner: MyHD MPD-120 Tuner

Posted on 26 August 2004 by

The world’s only DVI-In card, is out. (Actually, It’s been out since sometime in the second quarter of 2003).

It’s the MyHD MPD-120 Tuner with Daughterboard Combo manufactured by Macro Image Technology and is available at Digital Conection.

The new card, through a daughterboard, has a DVI-D input. However, It cannot record HD, it only acts as a pass-through (i.e. it can view the HD, but not record it.) This would allow for the Streamlining of HD Satellite and Cable boxes with PVRs.

In addition to viewing HD, it also functions as a normal TV tuner. The driver included is Windows only, but work is being done on a Linux driver.

Submitter’s Conclusion: It’s not perfect, but at least its a start for HD recording. (They better start making DVI-in before the brodcast flag takes effect!) It is a pricey stopgap solution costing over three times as much as regular tuner cards ( $350 with optional daughter card at DC )!