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Yakov’s 500 DVD 5 terabyte HTPC Server

Posted on 22 March 2006 by

Yakov’s 500-DVD server up on CNET’s “show me your living room” feature.

Welcome to my living room setup. The TV is a Zenith D60WLCD rear-projection LCD. I have a lot of DVDs, but instead of getting a DVD changer, I decided to do something different, as you can see from the Meedio onscreen interface.

“I built a 5-terabyte media server with 20 250GB hard drives–it uses a pair of 500-watt power supplies and has 12 fans running full blast to keep cool. It stores more than 500 of my DVDs, categorized by title, director etc., which it streams to my home-theater PC over a gigabit Ethernet connection.””

I have only one comment: Since I live in Connecticut, Road Trip to Yakov’s!!!