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Yes, That IS a Job You Can Have

Posted on 15 December 2017 by sam

Sometimes we hear successful people in the arts say something like, “I had no idea I could actually get a job as an actor!” They’re not the only ones. There are plenty of people out there who have hobbies and passions that they never consider as a possible career–because they don’t know that these hobbies and passions can be careers. There’s a whole job market out there beyond marketing, accounting, retail, etc.

Whether you’re about to be in college, or you are someone looking for a career change, consider the fact that you can get training and work in just about any area. So take a long and hard look at what you love most. Go for it. The opportunities are out there.

If you like reading, art, history

The humanities and liberal arts are a rewarding field to go into. They don’t always pay the most, but there are plenty of stable careers out there. Liberal arts colleges offer areas of study such as history, literature, creative writing, and philosophy. These are great baseline majors for people wanting to go into editing, teaching (at any level), and even law. You may need to go on to get a master’s degree in these areas to forward your career. If you already have an undergraduate degree, consider getting a graduate degree in a liberal arts field. You may only need to take one or two prerequisites to be ready to take on something you love. Additionally, if you have proficiency in a foreign language, look into a career as a translator or interpreter–who knows, you could end up working for the UN!

If you’re more interested in the fine arts, remember, thousands of people are out there pursuing theatre, dance, visual arts, and music. Universities and conservatories offer world-class training in these areas. And there are jobs beyond the “glamorous” ones (which are never actually glamorous). For instance, if you’re organized but love theatre, consider studying stage management or arts administration. Most of the fine arts fields are connected to major unions as well, so once you get really working, you can have reasonable work conditions and benefits.

If you like animals or adventure

There are also tons of careers that will keep you moving at a thrilling pace (although you can definitely have adventures in any of the above careers). If you adore animals, look into studying biology or zoology and aim toward a career working hands-on with animals. There are careers at zoos and even wildlife parks. These jobs can range from solely working and caring for the animals to engaging with both the animals and the people who come to the parks! You don’t have to be a scientist to work at these places, either; lots of them offer tour guide positions for which you just need to be responsible and informed.

If you love travel, there are jobs out there as tourism guides, both stateside and abroad! Luxury travel companies need guides to accompany their tourists. If you are educated about a geographic and cultural area, and if you are organized yet flexible and a fast thinker, you could be a qualified candidate for one of these positions. If you are fluent in another language, you could be a particularly competitive candidate. Just think of it–you could travel to Paris every year and get paid for it!

Of course, all of these jobs require a lot of preparation, education, and hard work. They’re rarely easy or glamorous, but they are fulfilling. The people who pursue these careers are passionate and tenacious. You can be one, too.