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Jarod’s MythTV HOWTO — now updated for Fedora Core 3

Posted on 30 November 2004 by

Jarod Wilson has updated his popular Fedora Core MythTV HOWTO article to cover the new Fedora Core 3 release.

Jarod warns that he’s “not sure the ride is entirely smooth just yet“, but there doesn’t seem to be any complaints at the mythtv users mailing list. If the latest release isn’t your thing, the Fedora Core 1 MythTV and Fedora Core 2 MythTV HOWTOs are still available.

SnapStream Beyond Media Update (going gold)

Posted on 19 November 2004 by

Update in SnapStream’s forums today on the status of Beyond Media

“…we’ve reached the GM (gold master) stage in development on Beyond Media. At this point, we are nailing down some final licensing and marketing items, duplicating CDs and other fun stuff. Some time next week, we will be announcing the official Beyond Media launch date.

I want to spend time in this update talking about Beyond Media plug-ins. As I alluded to in both my October 14 update and my November 10 update, Beyond Media will include a very powerful architecture for 3rd parties to build plug-ins against. There are three plug-ins that will ship built-in to Beyond Media:

* Firefly Settings
* Weather
* Caller ID”

There’s some community plugins already devloped of interest, “Beyond Drunk” sounds like my kind of plugin. I presume it’s a bartenders mixed drink guide of some sort. =P