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Windows Media Center Edition 2005 vs The World

Posted on 30 December 2004 by

The venerable SlashDot had a post the other day about Windows Media Center Edition vs. The World Surprisingly no mention of byopvr though =(

“sam_christ writes “An article in today’s Investor’s Business Daily (Google cache) and an article by TV industry pundit/predictions-huckster Philip Swann say the same thing: that Microsoft’s Media Center Edition will be a big flop in 2005. Meanwhile, from what I can tell much more powerful alternatives to Microsoft’s MCE bloatware are thriving: commercial products like Snapstream (see their 6-tuner Medusa PVR built for about $1200), Showshifter and open-source freeware like Mediaportal and MythTV. From what I’ve read about Microsoft MCE and all of its DRM and content restrictions, I have to agree with both of these articles.”

Some excellent comments if you sift through the chaffe of /. to find it regarding why the Windows Media Center Edition 2005 DRM and DRM in general is a bad idea (for consumers).

Cable companies will expire your Six Feet Under DVR recordings

Posted on 12 December 2004 by

BoingBoing post by Cory Doctorow which highlights to me why the homebrew PVR approach is important even if your cable company offers a DVR for only 5 bucks a month… Cable companies will expire your Six Feet Under recordings after 2-4 weeks

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Is ‘Transitional Fair Use’ The Wave Of The Future? CopyFight: All your fair use are belong to us

“Time-Warner is arm-twisting cable companies into agreeing to a scheme to automagically erase your saved episodes of Six Feet Under from your cable-company-provided PVR after a month or so. This is the danger of sucking up to the studios in the first place: they say, “Suuuure, we’ll ‘let’ you build a PVR that will tape the shows you cablecast to your customers, but that permission is contingent on our ongoing goodwill. So if in the future we decide, for example, that your PVR can’t record certain shows, or can’t skip certain commercials, or can’t store certain recordings for more than a few days, you’d better implement it. Or else. So what if your customers can’t figure out why their PVRs don’t work properly? That’s your problem, pal.”


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Networks Tweak Timeslots to Bork TiVos & DVRs

Posted on 02 December 2004 by

TV Networks Shift Times, Run Longer Shows

“Television networks are lending new meaning to time-shifting: TV shows don’t necessarily start or end right on the hour or half-hour anymore, screwing up some viewers’ video recordings.

More programs are running an extra minute or two longer to keep viewers from switching channels. Shows recently padded include CBS’s “Without a Trace,” Fox’s “Renovate My Family,” ABC’s “The Bachelor” and NBC’s “ER,” according to Nielsen Media Research.

The tactic has been used on and off for a few years but has grown more popular as competition in network television stiffens.

As a result of the overruns, people who use VCRs and digital video recorders like TiVos end up clipping the beginning or ending of a show. For some, the time conflict could also prevent a later show from being recorded. “

SnapStream Beyond TV 3.5 Reviewed

SnapStream Beyond TV 3.5 Reviewed

Posted on 01 December 2004 by

I just posted our Review and evalution of SnapStream’s Beyond TV 3.5 in the official BYOPVR review section

SnapStream’s latest release of their PC PVR software solution, Beyond TV 3.5 offers some new features like multi-tuner support and a host of refinements to an already robust package. I put Beyond TV 3.5 through its paces in order to determine its place in the PVR software kingdom.

For comparison’s sake (you don’t make purchasing decisions on just one person’s review do you?):

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