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$499 Mac Mini as an HTPC or MS MCE killer?

Posted on 15 January 2005 by

“Apple introduced their new low cost $499 Macintosh server (at Mac World). If you visit PVRBlog, you’ll see it’s generated some buzz for being an interesting way to build an HTPC (Home Theater PC). It’s got a 1.25Ghz (or 1.5Ghz) G4, easily powerful enough to crunch video streams, as well as a 9200 Radeon graphics card with DVI,VGA, SVideo, and Composite out. It’s only weakness is the small hard drive (80Gigs) that comes standard. The small form factor definitely gives it a little extra in the cool factor category.”

copsted from TVHarmony’s mac mini htpc entry

Preliminary Linux IVTV Driver Support for PVR150 & PVR500!

Posted on 03 January 2005 by

Whoot! Although it is a preliminary release, there’s encouraging news that the linux folks will be able to use the cheaper Hauppauge WinTV PVR150 with mythTV/Linux!! Good job Ulf, Chris Kennedy, and anyone else that pitched in on coding, documenting, experimenting, testing, etc this frequently asked for linux tuner/encoder driver in the IVTV project

Here’s a copy of Ulf’s message on the IVTV-Dev mailing list

“Here is a patch for ivtv-0.3.2a, that enables audio and PAL tuner support.

It is not finished in any sense, but since there is a lot of activity about the 150 cards on the mailing list a though that I should share it in its current state.

If you use this driver. I urge you to donate $10 or more to the Asian earthquake and tsunamis victims through the Red Cross organization.

Please see the doc/README.cx25840 file for usage information.

The patch can be downloaded from:

TivoToGo Launches Today

Posted on 03 January 2005 by

TivoToGo Launch today ( Yahoo news PR clipping | SF Chronicle | wired news coverage )

“The long-awaited service feature called TiVoToGo, set to launch Monday, will give users their first taste of TiVo untethered.

No longer confined to TiVo digital video recorders in the living room or bedroom, subscribers will be able to transfer their recorded shows to PCs or laptops and take them on the road – as long as the shows are not specially tagged with copy restrictions. That’s also the case for pay-per-view or on-demand movies, and some premium paid programming.”

(emPHAsis mine) SlashDot also picked up on the discussion I quickly downloaded the TivoToGo desktop sofware, BUT it can’t “see” my TiVo because I haven’t been upgraded to version 7.x of the TiVo software =( So that was a pretty useless, paper launch IMHO…

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