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FCC Broadcast Flag Court Battle

Posted on 23 February 2005 by

Oral arguments in the case against the FCC Broadcast Flag were heard earlier this week, and in surprisingly rapid fashion a ruling has been handed down.

The US broadcast regulator has been told by appeal judges it has “crossed the line” with an anti-piracy tag which stops programmes being copied.

cnet coverage: Court questions FCC’s broadcast flag rules and slashdot commentary for good measure.

Note: this finding, while vindicating… doesn’t actually overturn the FCC mandate, as I understand it, but i’m not a lawyer… It just finds that the FCC over stepped it’s mandate, and it seems that the FCC’s stance is if they don’t currently have the mandate, they’ll easily get it from congress. =(

Still a lot to shake out, but it is an encouraging sign. I definitely recommend checking out and if you are so inclined donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and scoping out their Digital Television Liberation Front Anti-Broadcast Flag page and their DIY HDTV PVR cookbook

Although I side with the slippery slope folks and think the broadcast flag tramples on fair use rights, engadget attempts to Demystifying the Broadcast Flag with a much less reactionary look at the broadcast flag.

TVHarmony post with some more coverage of the broadcast flag case