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Nvidia CES roundup: HDMI, HDTV, h.264 oh my!

Posted on 12 January 2006 by

Lots of news out of the Nvidia camp from CES 2006.

First up, Nvidia delivers first HDMI video card solution for Sony HTPC (press release)

Nvidia demo’s hardware accelerated h.264 forceware drivers for both 6xxx and 7xxx gpu’s!

“NVIDIA showed us a demo of their upcoming Forceware drivers with support for hardware accelerated h.264 decoding. Unlike ATI’s h.264 hardware decoding that is limited to X1000 series of GPU’s, NVIDIA is supporting h.264 hardware decoding in all PURE Video compatible GPU’s. The above demo was of a 6600 series GPU playing back a 1080p h.264/AVC video clip. The video was very smooth and did not drop any frames.”

Anandtech scoop on an HDTV-DVD notebook which also mentions the h.264 pure video decoding hardware acceleration.

Finally here’s a Nvidia press release roundup of what Nvidia demo’d at CES 2006 this year.

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Open Source IR Mapping Software: Remote 2 Key

Posted on 11 January 2006 by

Control your PVR with Remote 2 Key It’s similar in concept to Girder, it’s free and it’s open source.

Remote 2 Key allows you to control your computer with a remote control. It converts IR signals from your remote control into key strokes using customizable mapping files. It’s similar in concept to Girder. Remote 2 Key can be used to control your PVR application if it lacks support for the USB-UIRT receiver.

To use this software, you need an infrared receiver connected to your computer to pick up the signals from your remote control. Remote 2 Key currently supports the USB-UIRT receiver, available from Receivers are implemented in a “pluggable” fasion, so it’s easy for software developers to add support for other receivers.

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