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3 HTPC Builds, Pick and Build Your Favorite

3 HTPC Builds, Pick and Build Your Favorite

Posted on 08 November 2013 by sam

PVR’s and HTPC’s have become much more than simple media players. You can game on them and, if you really want, you can even get some work done on them.

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Your Own Multiroom Setup

Your Own Multiroom Setup

Posted on 11 June 2013 by sam

The pinnacle of every home entertainment enthusiast has to be the multiroom system. Control audio and video in all of your rooms from one controller. Centralize your collection and use it anywhere. Read on to start building your affordable multiroom system.

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A Bluray disc

The Definitive Build Your Own Guide: PVR vs DVR vs HTPC

Posted on 18 November 2012 by sam

Does it matter whether you call your personal media machine a PVR, DVR or HTPC? No, not at all, but knowing the slight, sometimes very subjective difference may help you in finding the right information and help.

So lets take a closer look.

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Road Kill on the Convergence Highway: 3 Months With Windows MCE 2005

Road Kill on the Convergence Highway: 3 Months With Windows MCE 2005

Posted on 09 October 2005 by

Guest curmudgeon, I mean columnist, Duke Weber get’s off at the wrong on ramp and is heading the wrong way in the break down lane with his Road Kill on the Convergence Highway: 3 Months With Windows MCE 2005 article.

It’s a little bit more commentary and cautionary tale than strict HowTO, (how not to?)… but at the least is a very entertaining read!

Please post your comments, questions, or corrections in the official Road Kill MCE 2005 forum thread.

Personally I think we should all chip in and send Duke a copy of SageTV or BeyondTV to see if he has a better experience 😉 I’d like to think if Duke had visited our little site before/during his experience we could have helped him avoid some of the pratfalls (or at least offered some empathy), but then that wouldn’t made for a very interesting story, would it!

I also want to thank Duke for sharing the submission with byopvr and byopvr community!

How To: Build a really, really, really silent PC

Posted on 26 March 2005 by

Oh sure, I let my MaximumPC magazine subscription lapse and they put out this gem: How To: Build a really, really, really silent PC “Is this thing on? We assembled a Pentium M-based rig with a fanless power supply, and ended up with the quietest air-cooled PC we’ve ever heard.”

It’s not a cheap proposition though using a nearly 500 dollar pentium M CPU

Intel 2GHz Pentium M 755 ($440,
AOpen i855GMEm-LFS motherboard ($275,
Zalman VF700-AlCu VGA cooler ($40,
Antec TriCool fan ($20,
Antec 350 watt Phantom ($175,
1GB of Corsair Micro DDR400 ($200,
Pioneer DVR-A08XLA ($150,
Smart Drive 2002 hard drive enclosure ($55,
Antec SLK3700-BQE ($100,
Floppy drive ($10,
Windows XP Professional ($200,
Arctic Silver 5 ($8,
Akasa Paxmate ($20,

UPDATE kdhamann rightly points out that SilentPC Review is another really good resource for info, and well… reviews of quiet PC and noise dampening components.

Jarod’s MythTV HOWTO — now updated for Fedora Core 3

Posted on 30 November 2004 by

Jarod Wilson has updated his popular Fedora Core MythTV HOWTO article to cover the new Fedora Core 3 release.

Jarod warns that he’s “not sure the ride is entirely smooth just yet“, but there doesn’t seem to be any complaints at the mythtv users mailing list. If the latest release isn’t your thing, the Fedora Core 1 MythTV and Fedora Core 2 MythTV HOWTOs are still available.